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A New Product for the New Year: introducing Revolution's MetaBoards

[Scene takes place in the room the therapist rents. The walls are magnolia, there's a box of tissues on the table top, two glasses of water and a great pile of paper and files in the corner.]

Client: I feel so powerless. I don't know how to move on from here.

Therapist: I've got a great diagram we could use to work through that with you ... just a moment ... [rifles through one of the many folders on the floor] ...sorry ...I seem to have run out of that worksheet, so I'll draw it for you! [drags huge bag over and fumbles in it]...I'm just looking for a piece of plain paper [client glances at clock wondering how much this delay is costing them. Just at that moment, therapist triumphantly pulls out a crumpled piece of paper from the bottom of the bag.] Found it! Let me introduce you to the Drama Triangle [therapist draws very wonky triangle on the paper with a felt tip which is starting to run dry]....

And all coaches, therapists and counsellors know how it ends: with the client asking you to look after their work because they are worried about people at home seeing it, or them taking it home and losing it, or, with the piece of paper simply being binned. A frustrating, wasteful and unecessary process - which is why Revolution has designed a new range of re-useable resources. So, if you want to go paperless, and be as efficient and professional in your sessions as you can, read on...


I'm my own practice I'm BIG on the use of diagrams and drawing to help draw out my clients' thoughts, feelings and deep-seated beliefs, but, like many self-employed therapists, counsellors and coaches, I have the frsutration of having to rent a room.

Cue: Hannah the Pack Horse Mantle, walking to the clinic piled up with bags filled with various tools and resources: a heavy arch-file, a box of felt-tips and a handful of A4 paper among other things. Not only is this all rather heavy, but carrying all this to and from my rented room results in crumpled resources and things mysteriously going missing - even though they were DEFINITELY in the bag when I left home!

Revolution Psychotherapy & Counselling

So, being someone with high standards, who simply can't stand offering someone a crumpled sheet of paper on which to work, and who really doesn't have the room to store the work clients produce in sessions but prefer to leave with you, I set about investigating ways I could work which was more environmentally friendly, more professional, and which would enable me to carry less to and back from my rented space, but without having to compromise on the variety of activities I could offer.

Working on my own problem in the same solution-focused way in which I encourage my clients to work, I sat down and brainstormed the kind of diagrams I tended to use the most with my clients, and the kind of diagrams that could be applied to a variety of situations. Out of that was born Revolution's MetaBoards: flexible and adaptable eco-friendly, re-useable therapy resources.

Revolution's MetaBoards:

Lightweight: printed on lightweight A4 sized dry-wipe boards, they are easy to carry to and from a rented space. We even sell a smart grey felt file you can purchase to carry them in.

Smart and Professional: bye-bye crumpled pieces of paper and wonky diagrams! You need only pull out the board you need and - ta-da! - there's the diagram you need ready and waiting to be filled in!

Re-useable: nothing annoys me more than wasting paper, so the biggest benefit of our re-usable resources are that they allow a counsellor or coach to do their bit for the environment. Why waste paper when your client can take a picture of it and save it, privately and securely, on their own mobile phone? Revolution has been careful to choose materials which are natural and biodegradable, such as felt and wood, for the accessories. Why not make 2019 the year that your practice joins others trying to reduce wastage, pollution and landfill?

There are currently 3 designs available which can be used in a variety of ways, reducing the need for multiple boards and ensuring you never have to lug too much around with you between your therapy spaces. I will be adding more designs soon, so keep an eye on the shop to ensure you don't miss out on new products. Our resources can be purchased separately, or as part of a set.

I'm very excited to be making the process of counselling and coaching an environmentally-conscious one, which helps to change lives as well as helping the planet. If you want to join me in making 2019 a paperless year, you can order your re-useable resources from our shops by following this link:

Revolution Psychotherapy & Counselling


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