Don't Feed the Trolls: Improving Your Self-Talk

"I'm fat." "I'm an idiot." "I never get what I want; everything I do goes wrong." "I'm not the favourite in my family; everyone prefers my brother." "There must be something wrong with me." I wonder if you'd say any of the things above to your best friend? No? Why's that then? Because it would be hurtful? Cruel? Unkind? Unconstructive? Then why do so many people think it's acceptable to say these sorts of things to themselves in their own heads? Fed up with talking to yourself like a total a-hole? Well, you're in the right place. Negative self-talk comes up time and time again in my sessions with clients, so I have lots of tips to share with you on how to foster a healthier inner dialogue.

A New Product for the New Year: introducing Revolution's MetaBoards

[Scene takes place in the room the therapist rents. The walls are magnolia, there's a box of tissues on the table top, two glasses of water and a great pile of paper and files in the corner.] Client: I feel so powerless. I don't know how to move on from here. Therapist: I've got a great diagram we could use to work through that with you ... just a moment ... [rifles through one of the many folders on the floor] ...sorry ...I seem to have run out of that worksheet, so I'll draw it for you! [drags huge bag over and fumbles in it]...I'm just looking for a piece of plain paper [client glances at clock wondering how much this delay is costing them. Just at that moment, therapist triumphantly pull

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