Anxiety Tips: Tip 2 Name it.

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, you'll know I'm currently posting some simple tips on how to better manage your anxiety. Last week I posted Tip 1, which was about the importance of educating yourself on what's going on in your body when you are experiencing anxiety; today I'm posting Tip 2. Following on from the first tip, Tip 2 is to NAME IT. Too many people seek to eradicate their anxiety completely; they don't want to feel it AT ALL, so they grow to dread even saying the word or even talking about the things they find anxiety inducing. Let me tell you this: avoidance will only make your anxiety worse. Anxiety feeds on avoidance, so what you actually need to do is to confront

Anxiety Tips: Tip #1 Educate Yourself

Over lockdown, I've noticed a large spike in twenty-somethings experiencing anxiety; let's face it, it's a generation which is feeling a lot of pressure at the moment, so it's no suprise they are beginning to reach the end of their tether. If you're in your twenties at the moment, chances are you might be completing a course online rather than in person; some of you might not be having the university experience you'd signed up for. Some of you might be feeling stuck at home in more ways than one as lockdown exacerbates your desire for independence and your own space. Those of you who have a job might be in that 'first job' position where it doesn't quite feel right for you and your gut is te

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