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LAURA, Yateley, Hampshire

'sessions always left me feeling energised'

"Hannah has used her hypnotherapy and counselling skills to help me a great deal. Sessions with her have helped me to improve my self-esteem, take on new challenges, become more confident and be more assertive. Her approach is warm and welcoming, friendly and personable, but always professional. I always felt at ease during the counselling sessions, even when being challenged about a particular response or when asked to rethink an idea. The empowerment and positivity gained from Hannah's sessions always left me feeling energised and feeling very lucky to have benefitted from her expertise. I thoroughly recommend Hannah as a therapist 'with a difference' and know that you wouldn't be disappointed."

S.M, Fleet, Hampshire

'the sessions I've had with you to date have been invaluable'

"Thank you so much for all the tools you have given me over the last few months to shape the future I want to aspire to. The sessions I've had with you to date have been invaluable and I will put to use what you've equipped me with to enable my inner 'shark' to come to the fore. You are a truly amazing and I can't thank you enough for all you've done so far."

RYAN, Farnborough, Hampshire

'I was given the safe space and time to explore my agenda'

I came to Hannah to work on and discuss unresolved issues from my childhood as well as my relationships with others. I felt that, within the sessions, I was given the safe space and time to explore my agenda and the things that were distressing me. Hannah provided a trusting rapport and empathetic active listening style which was incredibly helpful for me. I feel that, with her support, I was able to resume feeling like my ordinary self.

I.M, Aldershot, Hampshire

'I am now more aware of how I am feeling'

"I wanted to thank you for all the support over the last few months. I am now more aware of how I am feeling and continue to incorporate positive habits, such as going for a bath or calling a friend. As a result, the binges have reduced immensely. I have more of a work/life balance since sticking to the boundaries - i.e finishing at 5pm and taking lunch to name a few. Thank you for all your support. I am forever grateful."

I.J, Fleet, Hampshire

'I am so much happier'

I got the job as pharmacy dispenser and love it. I am so much happier.  I have you to thank for giving me the courage to take control, leave my job and do what's best for me. I am a lot better mentally. I have reconnected with a group of friends who make me feel so much less alone. I have got over my fear of long journeys and got less scared of social situations.  Thank you so much for everything.

MAISIE, Yateley, Hampshire


'I have been equipped with the skills to challenge my own thinking'

After years of deliberation and apprehension about 'going to see someone', I booked in for sessions with Hannah. I was comforted and relieved to learn how approachable she was; within minutes of our first session I'd shared thoughts I'd previously locked away. Hannah, with her consistent care and full attention, enabled me to unlock these thoughts and reframe them. After several sessions, I have been equipped with the skills to challenge my own thinking and reflect upon my own (and others') behaviour. For me, Hannah lit up so many paths  that I can, without hestitation, recommend her to light up your paths -however puzzling, dark or difficult they may be.

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