Carnival Time!

Revolution Psychotherapy & Counselling is looking forward to taking part in the 2018 Farnham Carnival this year. We've got our banner printed and ready to unroll, our wigs ordered and our costumes ready! Watch my video below to hear more about why we are taking part and how we've interpreted this year's 'rock and pop legends' theme. AND ... if you are local to Farnham, Surrey, this video also tells you about a very special gift we'll have for anyone who manages to make it along on the day .....

Managing Exam Stress

It's that time of year again when the country's teenagers prepare to sit their GCSEs and A Level exams and their stress levels begin to sky-rocket. During my career as a teacher, I helped to guide hundreds of young adults through this challenging time. Personally - and somewhat perversely - I enjoy a good exam. I welcome the challenge.This doesn't mean to say that they don't make me nervous; they do! And so they should: they are, after all, designed to be a measurement of quality. That said, I strongly believe that there are many different ways to measure a person's skill and ability. Written exams aren't the be all and end all. My brother and I are a case in point: he's extremely practical

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