It was the best of times; it was the worst of times: a tale of teaching

For the first time since I started going to school in 1985, I've found myself free from half terms, term times and timetables. For more than a decade, my calendar would be colour-coded: orange highlighter indicated the beginning and end of half-terms and school holidays; pink highlighter indicated A2 coursework hand-in dates and marking deadlines; green highlighter indicated AS coursework marking deadlines and hand-in dates. It didn't end there: each day between coursework hand-in dates and marking deadlines would have numbers written on them which ascended in multiples of fives, threes or twos (Mon: 5, Tues: 10, Wed: 15, Thurs: 20, Fri: 25) - this was my marking target for each day based on

Delivering a hard-hitting message at the Carnival.

If you've been following my blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page, it won't have escaped you that Revolution took place in this year's Farnham carnival parade. Long before I'd launched my counselling business, one thing I was determined to do was to make talking therapy more visible, more 'out there', and I was hell bent on doing a carnival parade. By some sort of universe-sent synchronicity, my friend, Vivienne, happened to mention that 2018's Farnham carnival theme was 'rock & pop legends'. 'Perfect!' I thought. 'We can be the 27 Club!' And so, a somewhat controversial and typically madcap scheme was born and I set about enrolling my volunteers... My vision for our parade entry was ins

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