Ask Mrs M

Sometimes, you need another perspective.

Sometimes, you just need some clarity.

Sometimes, you just need to tell it to someone.

Sometimes, you find find it easier to write it down.

Never do you have to cope alone.

It might be that you just can't see the wood for the trees in a situation and need a fresh perspective.


Problems with friends, family members or colleagues might be making you feel isolated and confused.


Perhaps your romantic relationship has become a source of frustration or has lost its sparkle.

Or, maybe, you are finding it difficult to move on in your life after a loss.

                   .... why not write and Ask Mrs M?

It costs just £10 to email Mrs M your problem and receive empathetic, non-judgemental advice. Here's how to do it:

Firstly, by using this service you agree to Mrs M's terms & conditions, so it's important you read them before continuing: 

Next, fill out the electronic form below. The email you provide will be the one Mrs M replies to, so make sure it's your own private email address. Describe your problem as clearly as you can and in enough detail for Mrs M to get a sense of what's going on for you. Ensure you include your name, age and preferred gender.

Finally, click the 'send & pay' button at the bottom of the form. Payment is via Paypal.